Andalucia 1996
Salobrena and San Pedro May 7-21


The first week of our holiday we stayed at the Calamedina no 4, on the cliffs below the Monte de los Almendros, about two kilometers from Salobrena.
Calamedina is a small development of about 20 individually designed houses.

Calamedina entrance

The view from our balcony, across part of Calamedina, with Salobrena in the distance.

The sitting room in Calamedina 4.

A view of Salobrena tumbling down the hillside, with the snow covered Sierra Nevada as a background. You really could be swimming and sunbathing on the coast, and then in an hours drive you can be skiing in the mountains.

We did quite a lot of walking in the Alpujarras, the lower mountain sides were covered in wild flowers. It was still very warm as we followed some of the old mule tracks.

The clear blue skies, and white of snow and villages, made for some truly spectacular views.

Much farther to the west of Malaga, is a classic Andalusian white village called Casares. Another wonderful view, with the old castle at it's summit. Kestrels and vultures soar above you.

White paint for all the houses, no problem choosing the colour.


The streets of Casares

While we were staying at the Calamedina we visited the Alhambra in Granada, just about a 3/4 hour drive north. The road passes by many fertile growing areas, just at the side of the road. There are several places where you can pull in off the road, to buy vegetables and fruit at low prices. The best bargain was when Lyn went to get some tomatoes, I waited in the car, a few minutes later she reappeared, laden with a huge plastic bag, with at least 4 kilos of huge juicy tomatoes. She had only asked for 1 kilo, (must have caught the owner on a good day). Or he had a glut of them.

View from Alhambra of part of Granada.

Palacio de Carlos V

Court of the Myrtles

Court of the Lions


Some of the gardens

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